• jasuka disse...
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    • Out 4 2011, 11h43

    Growl 1.3


    Growl notifications stopped working on the new MAS version of Growl. The Last.fm app isn't registering itself to Growl anymore.

    • mesens disse...
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    • Out 5 2011, 9h12

    The same trouble after upgrading to Growl 1.3

    Thanks for resolution.

  • Resolution?

    Is there a fix for this? I am encountering the same problem.

  • ditto

    Notifications are definitely broken with Growl 1.3

  • Have also got this problem - please issue a fix!

    When can we see an update to the scrobbler?

  • Same for me.

    • stevelam disse...
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    • Nov 2 2011, 20h31
    same issue

  • Same here.

    • ttilley disse...
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    • Nov 5 2011, 10h44

    the reason

    looking briefly at the code from svn, it appears that it checks for growl by searching for a process with the name "GrowlHelperApp" rather than using the APIs provided by growl with the framework. of course that's going to break... growl 1.3 is an actual app now with a process named "Growl".

    note: the growl 1.3 SDK can be used even without having growl installed or running. it includes 'mist', which is like a subset of growl, for that scenario. you should never have to care whether or not growl "is running".

    • ttilley disse...
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    • Nov 5 2011, 10h47
    ...the svn codebase is fairly out of date, and i can't seem to find where the CURRENT code might be available, or i'd fix the damn thing myself. -_-

    • josho493 disse...
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    • Nov 7 2011, 3h45
    This is something that's really annoying to me! Wish we could get some feedback or acknowledgment from staff if this is something they know about or are working on!

  • just want to second all these posts, I miss my last.fm notifications!

    • toamn disse...
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    • Nov 10 2011, 5h04
    i agree. please fix this

    • sixlocal disse...
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    • Nov 10 2011, 17h04
    Over a month now. Any fix for this coming?

    • jeff252 disse...
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    • Nov 11 2011, 3h44
    Me too. A fix would be greatly appreciated.

    • norz disse...
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    • Nov 11 2011, 11h52

    • loige disse...
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    • Nov 14 2011, 11h15

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 22 2011, 15h49
    Growl support is broken for me as well.

    • mbologna disse...
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    • Dez 8 2011, 12h33



  • I have this problem too


  • Solution [WorkedForMe]

    I followed the instructions here to reinstall iTunes - they worked for me.


    In Lion, you would have to do this to remove iTunes:
    cd /Applications
    sudo rm -r iTunes.app/

    This worked for me. Also, I take no responsibility if this breaks anything. :)

    EDIT - Ignore the above nonsense. It somehow worked only for one day.

    Editado por rahulthewall em Dez 16 2011, 12h53
    • raven_ns disse...
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    • Dez 13 2011, 11h37

    I have this problem too


    • josho493 disse...
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    • Dez 16 2011, 23h37
    This is so annoying. Really not liking the lack of support on last.fm part. Its been two months with absolutely no feedback.

    Really considering canceling my subscription

    • Ateo disse...
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    • Dez 25 2011, 17h03
    So, no word on this getting fixed eh? And Last.fm wants people to pay for premium service.... whatever.

    • Snoo52 disse...
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    • Dez 26 2011, 17h57
    Please fix this problem.

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