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german "umlaut" in artist's name links to a different artist. suggestion.

  • german "umlaut" in artist's name links to a different artist. suggestion.

    This is probably a problem that cannot be solved right now, as it has something to do with different artist’s using the same name.

    Here it is:
    I know a guy in my town who makes music, he uses the name "antikoerper".* I've got some tracks by him and every time I scrobble them, they are scrobbled as "Antikörper", because there is a musician who calls himself that way and in the url the german "ö" becomes "oe". So the scobbles basically lead to a different artist.

    Of course, you could argue that this belongs to the age old problem of artist's sharing the same name that will hopefully solved somewhere in the future.

    But I think, as it is actually a different spelling, it could be solved, if the autocorrection wouldn't change the artist-tag and there would be a new way to indicate a german "umlaut" or maybe also other special characters that occur in only in a few languages like french accents or so.

    But I guess the problem is not that important to l.fm because it only occurs in a few cases, am I right?

    * http://soundcloud.com/antikoerper

    • snyde1 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Mai 13 2012, 19h59
    So you want the autocorrect removed from Antikoerper correct? This should have been posted to the incorrect autocorrection thread. Perhaps it will be seen here.

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