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Projects of the month: November

    • tburny disse...
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    • Out 15 2011, 22h20

    Projects of the month: November

    There are lots of awesome projects. Some get forgotten. Some new are created.
    To honour all these sleepless hours you spent, from now on, three of all the projects will be presented here (roughly) each month.

    Projects of the month October

    1. Boxsocial.fm - If you're listening to music at a party, a bar or while hanging out with friends, boxsocial lets you copy scrobbles to your Last.fm profile in real-time.

    2. Buddy radio - BuddyRadio is an extension to Grooveshark and adds a new sidebar section on the left side of it. There you can add your friends (or other users) from Last.fm and see when they are listening to music. If they are, you can tune into their live listening stream by clicking their user name. You can also tune into the past, that is choose some day of last week and play the music your friends listened to at that day.
    3. scatter.fm - Visualises your entire listening history in one graph, showing heaps more detail than other last.fm visualisations. You can see every single scrobble.

    Please suggest some more.... :) :) :)

    If you really love an last.fm related application or website, you can also write a detailed article and submit it to the Web Services articles section. :)

    For more awesome stuff, check out

    Combo.fm: Combine your favourite radio stations! | My Blog | scala-lastfmapi | Cache2k - A high performance Java in-memory cache
    P.S.: Do not click here
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