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    Help and Guidelines


    This is not a support/feedback forum for the last.fm website or the Scrobbler client. Please post these in the other forums.
    For third party applications and websites, you're in the right place here.
    Thank you :)

    This forum is for last.fm's third party developers. Here you can post about new stuff you did or get help if you run into troubles. If you have a question regarding the Web Services API, you can get help in the Web Services forum(also take a look at the Web Services FAQ).

    Is there an application or website which can do XY?
    Is there a scrobbler for XY?

    Maybe. There are a lot of awesome 3rd party applications written by a lot of good and enthusiastic programmers.
    You can find them at Last.fm Build:

    If you are a subscriber, you also might want to try some interesting stuff on Last.fm Playground.

    How to write my own application/website?
    If you have at least some (basic) programming skills, the API documentation is always a good place to start with. Maybe you also should check the API Downloads page, where you can get a library/module for most of the popular programming languages.

    I made some cool application or website, what now?
    Create a new forum topic. This draws some attention to your project and gives users a place to ask questions.
    Then, if you think your application or website is stable enough, we really recommend you to Submit it to last.fm build.

    Hey I still have a question/suggestion!
    Just post it it the forum :)
    If you need some more direct contact, you can always feel free to send a PM to tburny.
    Of course, the same applys for any questions or suggestions on this post ;)

    The forum, it's got spam in it!
    The moderation team is trying hard to keep any Spam away from you.
    Nevertheless you can notify a moderator if you like to.

    Please be aware that last.fm does not maintain or can be held responsible for third party applications in any way.
    As a developer, make sure you respect other poeples privacy and last.fm's Terms of Service in your application. Thanks :)

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