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Bold tags in Journal entry

  • Bold tags in Journal entry

    I made my first journal entry and followed the bbcode tags to make my words bold. refer to my entry here: http://www.last.fm/user/MadCowDzz/journal/2005/12/31/51866/

    I'm fairly positive I've done them all correctly. The first one worked and the rest just didn't render. I trust an admin can view the actual code I entered.

  • I think I've seen something like this before when there are a log of BBCode tags in a forum post or journal entry. I think there may be a limit after which it stops processing any more tags.

    • muz disse...
    • Alumni
    • Jan 2 2006, 14h49
    That, or possibly check you haven't got any invalid/trailing tags. As in using ones that are non-existant, or forgetting to add a [/tagtype] somewhere.

  • I'm fairly positive I've closed them all. There's an artist tag further down in the post that's being rendered. It's only the bold tags that aren't.

  • [journal entry removed]

    I tried pasting the journal entry here, to see if it renders any differently... It didn't...

    If I forgot to close a tag, the artist tag around Blur wouldn't render... it seems only the first BOLD tag rendered, the rest didn't.

    I pasted and previewed the post in another forum which supports BBCode... naturally, the artist tags didn't render, but all bold tags did.

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