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Ads on my profile

  • I'm with mortstar here: ...insulting to the guys at last.fm who work full time to get this amazing service up and running.

    Perhaps you guys have never tried to maintain a business, but i'm sure it's hard enough for Last.fm to balance it's books, let alone turn profit. Servers aren't free and neither is the giant bandwidth this domain must go through. Now we're arguing about the simple donation of $3 (less than ten cents a day) vs seeing ads? What a joke.

  • Re:


    When you watch a television program, do you get a percentage of the sales from the products in the commercial breaks?

    I love the little world you live in.

    Anyway, I'm off to ask Ted Baker for some money, as I'm advertising them on my sweatshirt, and to think I paid them for it! I fell for that one!

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