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Oops! the radio wasn't launched

  • Oops! the radio wasn't launched

    Why isn't this problem not listed with the known problems? Everytime I try to launch a radio I get this message (the French version of it, that is). I went on the French support forum and apparently a lot of people are experiencing the same thing. I pay for Lastfm specifically for the radio feature, so right now I feel I'm being ripped off, especially with the issue not being acknowledged (even though there are comments about this going back several months. Please take action NOW!

    Sound Syster
  • Which browser are you using? Have you already tried another one?

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    • snyde1 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Mai 13 2012, 14h17
    The "lot of people" are reporting since January of last year. Misconnections happen, and for many reasons.

    If it is possible for you, you might want to try the client software.

    Improve your view of Last.fm - add some User Scripts.
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