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BUG: Festival name disappears

  • BUG: Festival name disappears

    From an artist events page add event, change to festival, give it a name, enter more artists, date, number of days. NEXT > enter location + city + (country - optional) > next > next/ submit. After the submit the name of the festival has been deleted (BUG) and has to be entered again, after submit it is remembered.

    Encountered now 3 time: using Opera 11.62 on XPSP3

    I can't be held responsable for whatever i say
  • I just tried it with Opera and didn't get that bug... do you have it with other browsers too? Could you maybe do some screenshots?

  • Well tried once more yesterday evening and it did not happen, so I guess it must of been some kind of fluke bug.

    Never happened before, not with any browser.

    I can't be held responsable for whatever i say
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