• Tuesday Ten: 151: All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

    Mar 21 2012, 21h25 por amodelofcontrol

    Call this an exercise in free advertising if you like, but I’ve always been happy to recommend and write about music that is released by people that I consider friends. I’d be lying if I said that I like every moment of every release by each artist here, but I’d much rather offer honest opinions than a simpering ‘yeah, that’s great’. And more importantly, all of the bands mentioned here either have new releases coming and/or are playing live soon.

    Oh, and apologies if I’ve not mentioned your band. Obviously I only had space for ten!

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    The first of two labelmates here that have albums out this past week, in fact, and I’ve known both of them way back into my days in Huddersfield (a town I left nearly eight years ago, would you believe). What is even more bizare, I guess, is that the label in question is a US one. But then, the outer reaches of industrial hardly has any prominent labels in the UK left to release it on. …