• Good Vibrations Festival 2011 @ Gold Coast Parklands

    Fev 22 2011, 1h12 por NiteShok

    Sat 19 Feb – Good Vibrations 2011

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    On show day, wide open spaces are among the last things that festival promoters want to see. So Jam Music, the team behind Good Vibrations, must be pretty bummed by this year’s turnout. Half price tickets were offered to the Sydney show, and there were reports of lacklustre attendance in Melbourne and - to a lesser extent - Sydney, while punters at the Gold Coast leg were informed a few days prior that they could bring a friend to the show for free. One can't help but wonder just how bare the venue would be, were it not for that last minute face-saving decision; even now, there’s loads of unused space within the Parklands.

    Despite running a similar amount of stages to the Big Day Out, the Good Vibes grounds take up perhaps half of the floor space. In recent years…
  • Good Vibrations 2011 @ Gold Coast Parklands

    Fev 21 2011, 2h33 por MaxFactor81

    Sat 19 Feb – Good Vibrations 2011

    My part of the Fasterlouder review:

    Perth electro-popsters Tim & Jean pump out one merry, synth-stabbing tune after another at the Good Vibrations stage. Impossibly youthful – the live drummer could have easily been the duo’s father – they nevertheless work their fine vocal and instrumental chops with sheer enthusiasm, momentarily taking listeners back to 1987 with a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere and encouraging a collective singalong on signature number and set closer Come Around.

    Despite the still-blazing sun and cooking-friendly temperatures, UK’s new electro sensations Fenech-Soler nevertheless pull a solid gathering. Perfectly suited to the occasion, the four-piece’s Day-Glo dance-pop and frontman Ben Duffy’s voice are a much better proposition live than on record, with Battlefields, Golden Sun and single Lies sounding way more invigorating than the radio-flogged studio versions.