• Concert Reviews: Radiohead - 29/06/2008

    Jul 3 2008, 9h43 por jarmac

    Sunday 29th of June, 2008 – Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester.

    Support: MGMT and Bat for Lashes

    15 Step
    There There
    All I Need
    Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    The Gloaming
    The National Anthem
    Faust Arp
    No Surprises
    Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    Bangers ‘n Mash
    Everything In Its Right Place
    Fake Plastic Trees

    1st Encore
    Paranoid Android
    Karma Police

    2nd Encore
    Pyramid Song

    3rd Encore


    It was raining on and off all day, although as soon as I entered the LCCC it was nothing but sunshine. The doors opened at 4pm, and it was just before 4pm when I arrived for one of Manchesters most eagerly awaited concerts. The first support act, Brookyln-based indie/electronica band, MGMT put on a good performance to start off what would be a fantastic night. During their 30 minute performance…
  • "It's gonna be a glorious day!" - Radiohead, live at the LCCC 29/06/08

    Jun 30 2008, 19h27 por StaticVeins

    Sun 29 Jun – Radiohead

    Well, where to begin?

    We got to the gig for just after doors opening, and were inside the venue within minutes - despite confusion regarding the hilariously bad queuing system - managing to get pretty near the front of the stadium, about 4 or 5 rows back from the stage, to the far right hand side. There was real minimalistic, bass-heavy music going for the duration of the wait before and between bands (I think it was stuff by Basic Channel), and that really set the mood for the entire gig.

    Now came a pretty special moment to get us even more primed for the gig... The band and support were hiding out in the VIP area of the cricket ground before taking to the stage; but mere minutes after taking position near the head of the crowd, we spied both Phil Selway (drummer) and Colin Greenwood (bassist) on the balcony of that area. It definitly began to hit home that I was to be seeing my most favourite band of all time in a few hours at this point.

  • Radiohead @ Manchester LCCC, 29th June 2008.

    Jun 30 2008, 15h46 por Chicken_Boosh

    Sun 29 Jun – Radiohead

    This Radiohead gig, which I am about to do no justice to whatsoever with my casual little "review", was merely the high point of a rather eventful weekend in which myself and my now ex-flatmate Lauren had to clean our whole flat from top to toe, get the last of our stuff out, and be officially vacant by noon today. So, I no longer have a flat. *sigh*.

    But enough about that! On Sunday afternoon after cleaning the shit out of every room of that place (not literally - just realised how nasty that sounds) we jumped in Lauren's car and began on the presumeably simple journey to Lancashire County Cricket Club (AKA Old Trafford Cricket Ground). Just to put into context how close we actually live to Trafford let me just say that the Asda over the road from The Trafford Centre was indeed our local one and frequented by us. We didn't know exactly where the cricket ground was, but we certainly knew the way to the football ground and knew it was pretty near there. …
  • Inside-out Shirts Are Better Than Boring Ones (Radiohead/MBV Weekend)

    Jun 30 2008, 15h14 por mat35

    My penultimate weekend in England (for a few month) was golden.

    Saturday - It had been so long since I had been to the Apollo, that I had completely forgot how to get to Ardwick... And thus walked it, when I could've easily have got the bus from Tescos in town. But I was off to the My Bloody Valentine's first Manchester gig in a mad ammount of years.. I wasn't even 5 anyway. .. So all was good regardless of the mooch. The first band up Spectrum I probably could enjoyed all of it if I was sat at home, going "woooooow the sustain and release on that last foreeeeeeeeeeeeever" but that was kinda boring live. But they had some stuff that sounded like (to me) Om with guitars. But I dunno... For the main event we was made to wait... and wait for a while... But as the Guinness adverts like to remind you, I don't know why Guinness is minging (speaking of booze when did the "Carling" Apollo stop serving Carling?) good things come to those who wait… …
  • The Best Gig I've Ever Witnessed

    Jun 30 2008, 11h58 por Jamesbrown19

    Sun 29 Jun – Radiohead

    I don't think that any of the 40,000 people standing in L.C.C.C thought they would witness something as great as what Radiohead did last night. It really was the best spectacle ever.

    MGMT started off the show early on, playing their indie/electronic hits to warm up the crowd. Bat for Lashes came on and performed their slower, calmer songs, which suited the sunshine as it glared down on the pitch.

    It's fair to say though, that in light of what was to come, these performances were very easily forgotten. At bang on 8:15, Radiohead took to the stage, opening with the dancey/upbeat '15 Steps'. This one is easily forgotten as well though, when Thom grabs his guitar and the band bursts into 'Airbag', with the crowd now surging forward. 'There There' gives the band a chance to promote their rather good drumming skills, with Greenwood and O'Brien pounding the toms at the front of the stage.

    When Thom steps forward and breaks into the first line of 'Just', the crowd go insane…