Braintrust presents: Biodiesel

Braintrust presents: Biodiesel WonderBar
Quarta 4 de abril de 2012

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Com BioDiesel

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Quarta 4 de abril de 2012


186 Harvard Ave
Boston, MA, Boston 02134
Estados Unidos
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Part of the Together Festival:

Local artist collective Braintrust frequently works within the Live Electronica genre, the unholy combination of man and machine that produced acts like Wobblesauce and Blue Boy Productions. This time their infernal experiment draws in Biodiesel, a pair of veritable mad professors the likes of Aleister Crowley. Individually they’re masters of their analog instruments, both having written textbooks, taught and innovated for drums and bass guitar respectively. Together, however, they produce live electronic dance music that blows the doors off of whatever venue they play.
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