Ras Paulo & The Family - Live on Stage


Com Ras Paulo e CuCa & Natural

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Sexta 8 de junho de 2012

Wintergarten Live Club

Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 8
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Web: wintergarten-landshut.npage.de

Ras Paulo

He is an awesome musician as many artists from the Cape Verde islands to his native country, he sings in English speaking and Portuguese Criole or slang
He has already released several albums.

Many of his songs are linked International.
His debut album is finished, surprisingly emotional feelings,
His performances are never dull, soft voice and melody

He was a long time with a Jamaican band like his band are musicians from the Caribbean, as always. Strong sound and passion against violence.
Source orientation Rastafarian

Grata PersonaLonely Road
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  • rasatalk

    Ras Paulo Singt sein Emotion Er singt sein Emotion, seines leben sein liebe seines glück sein Unglück Seines Fantasie sein Welt seines erfolgt seines Frieden sein schönes Lieder , sanft stimme liebevoll.

    27 Mar 2012 Responder
  • rasatalk

    He says,,, My singing is not just to show how good or bad I can sing nice voices and rhythms, how many songs I can write in the year but is it a try to keep peace alive in the heart of the people.

    22 Mar 2012 Responder
  • rasatalk

    Er ist ein von viel genial Musikerkünstler von den Kapverdischen Inseln sein Heimatland, er singt in sprachen English Portugiesische Criole und oder Slang Er hat bereits mehre Albums veröffentlichten. Vielen von seines Songs sind gekoppelte International . sein Debüt Album ist fertig, emotional überraschend Gefühl , Sein Auftritten sind nie langweilige, sanft stimme und Melodik Er war Langzeit mit ein jamaikanische Band wie seiner band sind Musiker aus den karibisch, wie immer . Stark Sound und Leidenschaft gegen Gewalt . Orientierung quelle Rastafarian

    16 Mar 2012 Responder
  • rasatalk

    [Talking about my Freedom] Freedom length capacity, is much more wide than the size of this World, but not wide like you think. I am Not talking about democracy, any politician demagogy , I am talking about real freedom, humankind , living as human being. Freedom of expression, freedom to say , to Talk, to do what you wanna do. Freedom to respect your own self, your neighbour, freedom to do whatever you want do , conscientiously. Are you ready to support worldwide freedom?

    16 Mar 2012 Responder

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