Backtrack, Cornered & Coldburn at Cassiopeia Berlin

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Com Backtrack, Coldburn e Cornered

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Domingo 6 de maio de 2012


Revaler Straße 99
10245 Berlin, Berlim
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Tel: +49-(0)30-47385949

Date: 06.05.2012
Venue: Cassiopeia
Doors: 8 pm
Damage: 9€ Pre-Sale, 12€ at the door

Backtrack (Reaper Records / New York, NY)

Hardcore lives in 2012. It has continued by a new generation of

like-minded individuals with a strong dedication to a tradition of
those that have come before them. Enter New York’s Backtrack who
will be heading to Europe on April/May 2012, bringing their classic
NYHC sound.

Since their inception in 2008, Backtrack have slowly built up their
reputation as a NYHC powerhouse with constant touring across the
Northern Hemisphere. Holding down the tradition established by the
likes of Agnostic Front and Madball, the band has only recently
released their highly anticipated album Darker Half through Reaper
Records. In April/May, they make their way to Europe for the third time.

Cornered (6131 Records / Leeuwarden, BE)

Four really drunk guys playing really heavy mosh. Fuck Off!

Coldburn (Worship Records / LExHC)
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