Metal as F$#% Fest

Metal as F$#% Fest DC Music Theatre
Sábado 4 de fevereiro de 2012

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Com A Leap of No Faith, Conflicted, Motive Force, Blacked Out Hatred e The Wrethched

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Sábado 4 de fevereiro de 2012

DC Music Theatre

360 Munster Ave
Toronto M8Z 3C7
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Tel: 416-234-0222

Come check out our first show of 2012 and our demo release show at D.C. Music’s, Metal as F$#% Fest with Conflicted, Blacked Out Hatred and more! It’s only $10 for this ALL Ages, LICENSED event. Tickets are available through us and at the door. Also, be one of the first to pick up your copy of Alone! Our official demo, recorded at D. C. Music! You don’t wanna miss the first show of 2012 for us. You’re definitely in for a treat!
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