Introducing Hannah and Josh

Introducing Hannah and Josh Mars Hill Cafe
Sexta 2 de dezembro de 2011

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Com Hannah and Josh

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Sexta 2 de dezembro de 2011

Mars Hill Cafe

Parramatta, Sidney
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‘Hannah and Josh’ will make their debut at Something Special on December 2nd.

This super cool sibling duo have been working together since their births to wow you through musical performance and are proud to finally be able to give you a small part of us.

Stay tuned for more info and cheese.

Also playing, will be Monjie, a fine lad who I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a solid time, whose musical ability is something to contend with. Alongside, will be Jaddo and Rodney. Also fine lads.

And I am super excited to announce that Albert Milne will also be playing! He is a new friend of mine and I’m very excited to play with him. Such an awesome voice. Fine lad also.

Come along, bring your friends and enjoy.

8pm start
$8 entry
Great food and coffee
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