Beuys will be Beuys


Com Johny Brown, James Stephen Finn, minor mine, Inga Tiller e Cris Lapthorn

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Domingo 11 de dezembro de 2011

Residents Bar

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Beuys will be Beuys is an audio visual poem inspired by the fall to earth and subsequent resurrection of Josef Beuys. The action has been transposed from a German battlefield to an inner city wasteland but the concerns are the same, the death of spirituality and the birth of ugly art. It is a howl for a better world. Other Beuys dance in attendance in spirit, Berkoff, Bukowski, Bowie and Ken Campbell… they all join the chorus to proclaim

We need a crazy wind to blast away the null spell of this stuck age!’

This will be a collaboration between Radio Joy and Minor Mine

The text is by Johny Brown, the visuals by Inga Tillere and the sound design by James Stephen Finn and Cris Lapthorn

James Stephen Finn will kick the night off by performing a solo noise set

And to cap the night off Johny will join Minor Mine, to sing some Minor Mine songs some Band of Holy Joy songs and a Sasha Baschlachev song, maybe hopefully some Rembettika too!!
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