David Sylvian "Implausible beauty tour"

Cancelado Concert

Com David Sylvian, Eivind Aarset, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Jan Bang, Sebastian Lexer e Gunnar Halleon

Evento passado
Domingo 18 de março de 2012

Muziekgebouw Frits Philips

Heuvel Galerie 140
5611 EE Eindhoven
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Tel: +31 40 265 5600
Web: www.muziekgebouweindhoven.nl/

This isn’t a message I’d anticipated writing. Unless memory fails me, I’ve
managed to get this far in life without having to pull out from touring

commitments entirely. I’ve had messages from everyone involved in the tour, all very generous and forgiving, willing me onto better health, which in my book goes to show just what a wonderful team of people we had in place. Oddly no news from the tour manager Danny White. Whilst he’s one of my favorite people to tour with he may now hold a permanent grudge. Too early to tell.
My sincere apologies (and gratitude) to all who purchased tickets for the shows.
It appears there were more of you out there than I’d anticipated. I’m undergoing tests and treatment and hope, all being well, to be able to announce a rescheduling of the tour within the coming months. If there’s an upside to this situation it’s that, with even more time to prepare, the tour will be all the stronger for it.
I do hope to see you out there ASAP. Until then … love and gratitude
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