Jim Bianco + Brian Wright

Jim Bianco + Brian Wright Latest Music Bar
Terça 7 de junho de 2011

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Com Jim Bianco e Brian Wright

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Terça 7 de junho de 2011

Latest Music Bar

14-17 Manchester Street
Brighton BN2 1TF
Reino Unido
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Tel: 01273 687171
Web: thelatest.co.uk/musicbar/

And so Jim Bianco goes at it again; exposing, embarrassing and offending ex-girlfriends, future girlfriends, fellow singer/songwriters and, most notably, himself. Speaking to the sinner and the heartbroken in all of us, Jim Bianco has sifted through the filth and wreckage in his heart and put it to music on his new record, “LOUDMOUTH”. And as always, he’s done it in a way that makes women want to simultaneously sleep with him and slap him in the face; and men want to pick a fight and sing along.
Doors: 7.30pm Show: 8.30pm Price: £5
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