Poetry Mash Up: Radio, Live Transmission


Com Initial Gain, Paula Daunt, Paula Varjack, Yaneq, Broca Areal, Lifeloop, Paul Salamone, Lady Gaby, Der Bürgermeister von Neuköllnifornien e Itti Minchesta

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Sábado 26 de fevereiro de 2011

Bei Roy

Ziegrastraße 11
12057 Berlin
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Web: www.beiroy.de

This is a spoken word / performance / party event dedicated to the literary output of the 80s. Stories, poems, raps and lyrics of punk and wave.


Lifeloop - www.lifeloop.org
plays noise through radios and radiotransmitters

Initial Gain with Paula Daunt - www.initial-gain.de / www.pauladaunt.com

play electronic grooves with a minimal setup of analog, partly modular synthesizers accompanied by Paula’s significant voice works

Broca Areal - www.soundcloud.com/broca-areal
mashup songs of the punkband S.Y.P.H.

Der Bürgermeister von Neuköllnifornien - www.ooommm.org/sudelwiki
raps in oldschool style about total freedom to broadcast

Lady Gaby - www.myspace.com/ladygaby reads australian,
Paul Salamone - www.paulsalamone.com english and
Paula Varjack - www.paulavarjack.com american punk and wave lyrics as well as their own lyrics

Itti Minchesta - www.atombusentransporte.de
is having a radio seance referencing punk and literature from East and West Berlin

with an anecdote how he once almost saw the inside of the band Trio’s birthplace


Bei Roy, Ziegrastraße 11, 12057 Berlin (map)
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