Nina Ramsby Ludvig Berghe Trio (SE)

Nina Ramsby Ludvig Berghe Trio (SE) CuLTUREN
Terça 16 de março de 2010

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Com Nina Ramsby Ludvig Berghe Trio, Nina Ramsby, Ludvig Berghe, Lars Ekman e Daniel Fredriksson

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Terça 16 de março de 2010


Sintervägen 6
721 30 Västerås
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Tel: 021-39 30 00

“Always leave safety, for it has never brought you forwards, it has never made you free.” Nina’s text corresponds just as well with New Perspectives philosophy as it does with the fantastic music from this group. Jazz is combined with folksongs, which is combined with performance. A group that breaks the old jazz and the old fellow’s heavy dogmas in favor of something new and poetic. If you have not experienced this band, its really time now! Nina Ramsby - vocals, clarinet, cornet, Ludvig Berghe - piano, Daniel Fredriksson - drums, Lars Ekman - bass
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